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Celebrating 50 years
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We are proudly celebrating 50 years of quality, innovation, and sustainable production at our Livingston facility.

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We specialise in Moulded Foam Products for a more sustainable world

Engineered Foam Products designs and manufactures moulded foam and polystyrene solutions for many of the world’s biggest industries. Our mission is to lead through ideas and innovation, to maximise the potential of our materials and to provide sustainable solutions to our customers.

About us
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EPS, expanded polystyrene, is widely used in the construction industry for a diverse range of applications, be it insulation for floor, roof and wall or infill for large scale civil engineering projects.



EPP is ideal for multiple impact protection such as vehicle crash applications and is widely used in the automotive industry to improve occupant safety and in vehicle light-weighting.



The superior thermal and acoustic insulation properties of EPP and EPS make them ideal for numerous applications for use in ducting, boilers, heat-exchangers and control mechanisms.



Durable and impact absorbing, the perfect packaging no mater how complicated the product or supply line.



Unique material properties of our expanded foam materials can offer multiple benefits to new consumer products. Did you know EPS is fully recyclable and is actually 98% air?



Closed cell foams are hugely effective insulators because they’re packed full of tiny air pockets, this makes them ideal for seed trays, beehives and hot composting systems.



We manufacture polystyrene packaging and handling solutions for the pharmaceutical industry that are designed to eliminate concerns associated with the safe transit of temperature sensitive vaccines.



Any weight reduction can lead to improved fuel economy, our materials are suited to void fill and seating applications or if you are looking to source lightweight replacement materials.


Our key strengths

First choice for sustainable foam products

Geographical Coverage

Our four UK sites are strategically positioned meaning manufacturing can be planned according to customer proximity to help reduce costs and carbon associated with longer haulage runs.

Design and Innovation

Our dedicated design and innovation team support clients to overcome challenges by collaborating with the customers to bring an idea to life or by offering a fresh view to overcome an existing design problem.

Diversity of Supply

We supply many different sectors including Automotive, Construction, HVAC and General Components this helps to shield us from market downturns in one particular area making us a sustainable partner for the long-term.

Ability to Change

20 years ago 90% of what we produced was low value packaging, now we supply high value, long life cycle products that bring must have efficiencies to the cars we drive and the houses we live in.

Our People

Knowledgeable and dedicated personnel are key to our success. At Engineered Foam Products we believe as a team we can grow together, investment in people is essential to our growth strategy.

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Our Services

Design, NPI, Prototyping, CNC and more

We support you from the very beginning, from conception throughout the life of the product. Benefit from our CMM scanning and CNC milling equipment as we work together to turn your ideas into physical working parts.


Long life, 100% recyclable materials that offer you and your end customer the ability to reduce CO2 emissions and achieve possible weight saving of up to 60% through our innovative design.


Our Green Initiative

Procurement of the right materials and products is a balance of cost versus value. We focus on engineering to get the most worth from our materials achieving more with less.


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Ready to discover your sustainable solution?

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