Quality Accrediations across our sites

Our 4 manufacturing sites are accredited to a number of different certifications relating to the Environment, Health & Safety and Quality Management.


We proud of our achievements

Quality Accreditations

Quality Management Systems

  • IATF 16949 – Automotive, consumer goods and retail
  • ISO 9001 – Food, Construction, Industrial Manufacturing

Environmental & Energy Systems

  • ISO 14001 (Torpoint works in accordance to ISO 14001)
  • ISO 50001 (Encompassing all 5 UK sites)

Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems

  • ISO 45001

By achieving and maintaining these industry leading certifications we are able to show customers that our processes, products and systems comply with national and international regulations and standards.



Accredited to IATF 16949 our manufacturing plant located in Spennymoor Co. Durham specialises in the production of expanded foam moulded components for the automotive industry.

Spennymoor started supplying automotive parts in 2001 and has been certified 16949 since 2007.

We were one of the first UK expanded foam moulding companies to achieve the coveted international standard, proving our commitment to supplying quality products to some of the biggest car manufacturers in the world. We are proud to have achieved this newest version of 16949 under the IAFT so we can work with our automotive customers in harmony on the different assessment and certification systems across the supply chain for the sector.

OEM’s we currently supply: Nissan, Jaguar Landrover, BMW, Honda, Toyota


The implementation of ISO 9001 allows us to continuously improve Foam Products quality management systems (QMS) and processes. This helps to enhance our operations so we’re able to meet customer requirements and expectations.

ISO 9001 focuses on a number of quality management principles including:

  • Customer focus & Leadership
  • Involvement of people
  • Process & System approach
  • Continual improvement
  • Fact-based decision making


ISO 14001 demonstrates our environmental commitment to our customers and consumers who are more and more aware of the environmental impact their activities may cause. Foam Products complies with the latest environmental legislation and work hard daily to reduce the environmental of our operations.

What are the benefits?

  • Manages environmental aspects effectively
  • Improved compliance with environmental legislation
  • Prevention of pollution
  • Minimizes energy and resource usage reducing operating costs
  • Continual improvement in environmental performance


Health and Safety is our number one concern across the whole business. Our Livingston and Torpoint sites have achieved accreditation to ISO 45001, our Spennymoor and Northampton sites will follow later in 2019. This H&S Management Systems demonstrates to our customers that the entire business is firmly committed to the wellbeing of our 200 plus employees and all visitors to our manufacturing sites.

ISO 45001 focuses on:

  • Reducing occupational health and safety risk
  • Prevent work-related incidents
  • Improve legislative compliance
  • Risk assessment and determining hazards
  • Health and Safety objectives
  • Resources, responsibilities, roles and accountability
  • Communication, training and awareness
  • Performance measuring, monitoring and improvement


ISO 50001 demonstrates the business commitment to sustainable innovation through our aim to improve our energy performance across the 4 sites. With the tools provided by the management system the business intendeds to develop and meet objectives which target the areas of significant energy use and poor energy performance.

Central to the system is data collection and analysing past and present energy trends throughout the business to develop SMART objectives based on evidence and risk whether the risk is based on business trends or external factors.

What are the benefits:

  • Cost savings through energy reduction
  • Continual improvement on energy performance
  • Reduces impact on climate change
  • Supports Government to net carbon zero
  • Improved compliance with energy related legislation
  • Improves the sustainability profile of the business
  • Improves staff and customer satisfaction

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