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Engineers and designers realise how the unique material properties of our expanded foam materials can offer multiple benefits to new products. Did you know Expanded Polystyrene is 100% fully recyclable and is actually made up of 98% air?

For the early stages of your project our services include in-house CNC milling from CAD and hand crafting first designs, this is a very affordable way of proving and testing a design prior to ordering tooling and moving into production.

When researching and developing a new product consider how you can exploit our material benefits to improve your products performance.

Here are some examples of current consumer products we manufacture and the key material benefits that helped their creation.

Featured Products

Mani Swimming Aid

Mani Swimming Aid

This EPP swimming float takes advantage of the lightweight and buoyant nature of the material. Consisting of 96% air, expanded foam is ...

UAV drones

UAV’s and Drones

Weight saving is vital to developing a high-performance drone or fixed wing UAV. EPP is extremely light and strong and when moulded ...



Insulation provided by moulded foam beehives mean bees can survive the temperature extremes.


Compost Bin

HOTBIN is an aerobic hot composter that reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill, hot composting a wider variety of waste ...


The Benefits

Sustainable Materials that Offer Solutions to Every Day Obstacles

Expanded foam is the ideal medium for designers and inventors to create new products rich in features that may not be achievable in other materials. With new texturing technology and colour options available, the whole product can be designed without the need for covers or skins. From the proof of concept, design and prototyping stage through to full production we can help you develop your ideas and turn them into a real product.

  • Lightweight

    Significant potential for component weight-saving leading to impressive fuel efficiencies in any mode of transport

  • High Compressive Strength

    Withstand substantial loads with minimal shape deformation - EPS load bearing 70-250kPa.

  • High Shock Absorption and Resillence

    Excellent resilience and cushioning qualities, EPP reforms to its original shape after an impact.

  • Sound Deadening

    Can dampen absorb or block sound. Porous EPP can provide enhanced acoustic insulation.

  • Thermal Insulation

    Outstanding thermal insulation for both hot and cold applications.

  • 100% Recyclable

    Fully recyclable. Recycled material grades containing granulated end-of-life parts are available.

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