Beehives - Expanded polystyrene (EPS) beehives provide insulation keeping the bees warmer in the winter months protecting against heavy frosts and even sub-zero temperatures, whilst keeping them cool in the summer when overheating can become an issue allowing for effective brood rearing.


EPS Material Properties


Outstanding thermal insulation


High strength to weight ratio

100% Recyclable

Fully end of life recyclable

Industry Application


Consumer Products

The Breakdown

Making Life Easier for our Busy Bee Population

The thermal properties of EPS allow bees to survive in extreme temperature conditions, this reduces the work effort needed for bees to keep the hive warm and helps produce a better honey yield.

  • EPS bee hives help increase honey yield by 30%
  • Durability means virtually no maintenance compared with traditional hive materials
  • Insulation allows bees to focus energy on honey production
  • Protects bees against extreme weather and climate change

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