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Inclined plane testing

Transport simulation

Manual handling Testing


Pushing our Materials to Their Limits

Test, validate and prove your prototypes prior to production. We can simulate transit conditions and evaluate physical and mechanical handling in the distribution environment allowing us to performance check critical design attributes of a pack.

Drill bits
Drop testing machinery


Our design team has skills over many disciplines

Foam Products design team’s individual talents are drawn from their engineering and CAD design backgrounds. Our design team has skills over many disciplines:

• Engineering
• Problem solving
• Tooling
• Handmade Sampling
• Materials Knowledge

These combined skills create a dynamic problem-solving team whose innovative new concepts and ideas help to improve product performance, whilst also satisfying client requirements to save cost and improve efficiency and manage any risks.

What We Offer

Our Testing services include:

Focused testing against identified drop angles

Evaluation of product survival

Identification of weak points

Improvement recommends

Full report

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Engineered foam products offer a full service to efficiently progress you project from initial enquiry through to delivery final production and delivery. Our dedicated people are with you every step of the way and work hard to bring you added value difficult to find elsewhere.

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