Client: Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure Ltd
Industry: Construction
Services: Design Consultancy


In today’s rapidly evolving construction landscape, the demand for efficient and sustainable solutions is ever-growing. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is proving to be a frontrunner and revolutionising temporary bridge construction. When Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure Ltd sought to create a pedestrian bridge at Hoylake Station, they found a trusted partner in Engineered Foam Products (EFP).


Traditional temporary bridge construction methods often involve materials and processes that are time-intensive and cumbersome. Given the urgency at Hoylake Station with a tight deadline for installation, every minute counted, pushing the need for a simple construction method.

Project Scope

EPS, renowned for its light weight and impressive compressive strength, became the material of choice. EFP’s vast experience with EPS in the realm of void infill construction made it possible to conceive the Polybridge. This bridge wouldn’t just be easy to install but also efficient to dismantle after The Open Golf Tournament which took place at the Royal Liverpool Golf Club in July.

Assembly Methodology

The temporary bridge construction commenced with a foundational sand blinding layer. Following EFP’s fabrication drawings, EPS blocks, were methodically positioned with tailored sections cut out to allow for the rails to pass underneath. The EPS walls were painted and topped off with plywood boards to accept an anti-slip board finish to create a walkable surface ready for pedestrian traffic. To complete the construction GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) tubes were used to create the safety barrier and handrail. To add strength the tubes were inserted through pre-cut holes in the full width of the bridge.

Challenges Overcome

No construction is without its challenges. A slight discrepancy between pre-cut holes in the blocks and the rail lines emerged, attributable metal connectors that hold the rails to the sleepers on the tracks. The availability of a portable hot wire cutter on-site proved invaluable, allowing for quick adjustments, enabling the entire construction to be successfully executed over two nights.

Project Outcomes

The project, embodying innovation in temporary bridge construction, was celebrated for its success. The Polybridge served its purpose brilliantly during The Open Golf Tournament, receiving positive feedback from users and stakeholders alike.


The collaboration between EFP and Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure Ltd really helped to bridge the gap (literally) between old and new, much faster construction methods. This project is a testament to the potential of EPS in temporary construction. This EPS Polybridge project showcases what is possible when modern materials with impressive properties are combined with engineering knowhow.

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