Vacutainer® Trays

Vacutainer® trays require a lot of protection during transit to minimise damage and ensure the viability of the shipped contents. Trays commonly require narrow but strong walls to securely hold large quantity of vials. To ensure manufacture of these 2-3mm narrow walls a small-bead EPS (expanded polystyrene) grade is required.

Blood Vial Trays

EPS Material Properties

Energy Absorption

Excellent cushioning of impacts


High strength to weight ratio

100% Recyclable

Fully end of life recyclable

Industry Application



The Breakdown

Specialist Materials Tailored to Meet Your Demands

The logistics of shipping pharmaceutical products is two-fold with supplies requiring protection during transit and temperature control required to ensure the viability of vial contents.

  • Complex geometry require a special EPS grade suited to thin wall moulding
  • Specialist tooling ensures the required finish and quality
  • Used for transit and storage and are reusable
  • Moulded in white to reflect sterile and clean conditions
  • Trays are 100% recyclable

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