Beam and Block Infill

Beam and Block Infill - EPS (expanded polystyrene) provides both compressive structural strength and excellent thermal performance in beam and block insulated ground floors. This thermally efficient flooring contributes to reduced Dwelling Emission Rates (DER) and improved U-value performance whilst speeding up installation times.

Beam and Block

EPS Material Properties


Outstanding thermal insulation

Compressive strength

Superb load bearing 70-250kPa

100% Recyclable

Fully end of life recyclable

Industry Application


The Breakdown

Flexible U-value Performance and Reduced Dwelling Emissions

EPS beam and block infill and top sheets help improve the thermal performance of the ground floors of new-build domestic houses.

  • Our 4 UK sites reduces distance to the end customers
  • Close manufacturing proximity results in shorter lead times
  • Moving away from a cut block part brings a superior product finish
  • In-house design and our ability to develop and innovate

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