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Horse owners and trainers know that good equine health and peak performance depends on many factors, including proper nutrition, exercise, and appropriate management. Hay is a staple feed for horses, but it can harbour dust, mould, bacteria, and other harmful contaminants that can compromise respiratory and digestive health, leading to poor performance and even disease.

The Problem

Traditionally, horse owners have used various methods to reduce the risk of respiratory and digestive problems associated with feeding hay, including soaking hay nets. These methods however can be labour intensive, increase microbial contamination whilst compromising the nutritional value of the food.

Project Scope

The Sanderson™ Hay Steamer was designed to address these issues, providing a superior steamer that would effectively reduce pathogen contaminants without compromising the nutritional value of hay.
Beginning with extensive research, the Sanderson™ Hay Steamer project team sought out to find the most suitable build materials, seeking a solution that would offer high insulation, thermal stability, impact resistance, flexibility and recyclability. Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) was identified as the preferred material with a set of exceptional properties that would fulfil the project requirements.

The Manufacturing Process

Requiring EFP’s specialised expertise, experts from Sales, NPI, Technical Engineering and Quality teams worked closely with Sanderson™ to develop the tooling and moulding processes that would meet the product’s specific requirements. The EPP material grade was carefully selected for its superior thermal insulation properties, allowing for the efficient and consistent steaming throughout the hay load.
Sanderson™ collaborated with EFP to develop a custom tooling solution ensuring precise alignment of mould cavities and cores, consistent wall thickness and dimensional accuracy. to ensure moulded components adhered to a precise tolerance that would fit seamlessly together offering a smooth aesthetic surface.

The Solution

The Sanderson™ Hay Steamer represents a significant advancement in equine health, providing a more efficient and hygienic solution for steaming hay.
The sleek, ergonomic shape features a low loading platform, control panel recess and hinged lid whilst the pasteurisation jets push fit into the EPP base. The use of EPP provided a lightweight, durable solution that is both energy-efficient and cost effective at pasteurising the hay inside to temperatures of 72-101°C.
Through close collaboration with Sanderson™, EFP was able to overcome the unique project challenges delivering a revolutionary product which has not only delighted Sanderson™ but will benefit horses and their owners for years to come.

Key Features & Benefits

The Sanderson™ Hay Steamer benefits from EPP properties helping to set it apart from other hay steamers on the market:

Efficient and Effective:
Thermal performance of EPP reduces the energy use required for pasteurisation steam conditions inside the chest. A whole bale can be steamed in 35-50 minutes, reducing airborne dust, mould, yeast, spores whilst controlling potentially harmful bacteria.

Safe and Hygienic:
EPP is food contact safe, does not harbour germs, mould or bacteria reducing the risk of respiratory and digestive problems in horses.

As a large product, Sanderson™ were keen for a recyclable material to be used to support their commitment to environmental responsibility. EPP is ideal, a recyclable, resource efficient, material that uses only steam and pressure during manufacture.

Pulse Steam Technology™:
Software-driven sequence of steam jets applied at varying pressures and intervals throughout each cycle provides pasteurisation steam conditions from 72 to 101°C.

Lightweight and Durable:
EPP provides significant weight saving and impact resistance making it easy to transport, whilst ensure long-lasting performance.


Charlie Le Sueur Sanderson™ Product Manager

“It was amazing to meet the whole team at Spennymoor and to work with them to perfect the manufacturing process of the lid and base mouldings of the Sanderson Hay Steamer. I was actually brought to tears when I saw the first sample, it looked so brilliant.

It wasn’t perfect in the beginning, but the team have worked the processes and now I am astounded by the quality that is being produced.”

Charlie Le Sueur (Sanderson™ Product Manager)

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