Mani Swimming Aid

Mani is a swimming aid designed to support a child’s transition into free swimming, the Mani float provides the necessary support from the start of a child’s swimming journey keeping their body in the correct position and giving them confidence to explore in the water.  To achieve a high level of grip and desired aesthetic the contoured shape of the float was given a functional and tactile, textured surface finish. To provide an appealing finish to the product for children and parents alike, the  Mani float is available in magenta, blue and orange EPP.

Mani Swimming Aid

EPP Material Properties


Ideal for floatation applications


Huge weight reduction potential


Look beyond the beads by adding an ‘A’ surface finish texture to your product.

Industry Application

Consumer Products

The Breakdown

The Buoyancy Of EPP Supporting Children On Their Swimming Journey

This EPP swimming float takes advantage of the lightweight and buoyant nature of the material. Consisting of 96% air, expanded foam is 5-60 times lighter than water.

  • Fully textured to provide great grip and improved aesthetic appearance
  • Bright EPP colours engage children to interact
  • Warm to the touch and repels water
  • Foam has a natural buoyancy to keep user afloat and safe

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