Planting the Seed

Manufacturing for the horticultural industry began with EPS seed trays with varying configurations and number of seed cells. EPS insulates to minimise heat loss and assist in the growth of the plants ensuring delicate seedling roots can develop is essential and expanded foam seed trays do just that.

In 2011 inventor Tony Callaghan planted a seed with us with his idea for hot composting system that super insulates you compost heap and expedites home composting making it 32 times faster than traditional cold composting. Ten years on the HOTBIN is one of the top selling compost bins in the UK.

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Insulation provided by moulded foam beehives mean bees can survive the temperature extremes.


Compost Bin

HOTBIN is an aerobic hot composter that reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill, hot composting a wider variety of waste ...


The Benefits

Keeping things Hot, Cosy, Snug and Comfortable is what we do

The thermal properties of expanded foams naturally lend themselves to many industries including horticulture industry whether is supporting healthy plant grower or speeding up the rate of compost production. Have you got an application that would benefit from any of these properties, if yes explore our other industries and get in touch, put our material to the test with you next big idea.

  • Insulation

    Outstanding thermal insulation for both hot and cold applications.

  • Lightweight

    Significant potential for component weight-saving leading to impressive fuel efficiencies in any mode of transport.

  • 100% Recyclable

    Fully recyclable. Recycled material grades containing granulated end-of-life parts are available.

  • Energy Absorption

    Excellent resilience and cushioning qualities, EPP recovers to its original shape after impact.

  • Strength

    High strength to weight ratio and durability

  • Colourful

    Vibrant colours available for improved aesthetic, highlighting, branding or colour coding purposes.

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