ARCEL is a co-polymer moulded foam resin that consists of 70% polystyrene and 30% polyethylene. Providing the best of both polymers, ARCEL has exceptional toughness, flexibility and durability, the strength and flexibility of which creates a resilient resin that can be moulded into a variety of intricate forms.

ARCEL offers the following benefits:

  • Nine times stronger than EPS at the same density
  • Re-usable multi trip packaging
  • Superb energy management profile
  • Fully recyclable and sustainable

Density range

18 – 50 g/l

Trade Names:



Key Benefits


Outstanding thermal insulation for both hot and cold applications


Generates weight saving in components leading to fuel efficiencies across many modes of transport

Sound Deadening

Can dampen absorb or block sound. Porous EPP can provide enhanced acoustic insulation

100% Recyclable

Fully recyclable. Recycled material grades containing granulated end-of-life parts are available

Chemically Inert

Does not react with most chemicals including oil, grease and petroleum


Durable with high strength to weight ratio

Industry Applications



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