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Our Story of Sustainable Innovation

Engineered Foam Products have been moulding sustainable solutions that help to improve people’s everyday lives for over half a century.

Our heritage dates to the early 1960’s with our roots in the South West moulding simple shapes and packaging. As business took off two new sites in Livingston and Northampton were constructed to ensure the safe delivery of white goods to people’s homes with cleverly designed, energy absorbing packaging.

Today we lighten, insulate and protect using just a very small percentage of material, just 2-4% in the process, the rest of what makes up a finished moulding is air.

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Meet our Team

Our sales team have over 150 years of experience within various industry sectors and having built up a huge wealth of material knowledge over the last 3 decades we consider ourselves experts in the expanded foam moulding industry.

Staff member Tracie

Tracie Walters

Head of Components

Staff member Gary

Gary Sheppard

Head of Automotive

Staff member Brian

Brian Monaghan

Head of Construction

Resource efficient

Expanded foams are extremely resource efficient, using high pressure and steam in the moulding process to fuse thousands of tiny foam particle into finished parts that consist of just 2% material. The balance? A huge 98% air! Not many products can claim that they benefit from such resource efficiency.

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The vast choice of grades and processing methods and full recyclability make EPS and EPP serious contenders when searching for alternative materials. Explore our innovation page and consider the advantages of our moulding capabilities and the potential improvements they could bring to your next project? Sustainable Innovation and advanced engineering is at our core.

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Striving to improve

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is a business strategy we have adopted with the aim to drive consistency and reliability in all areas of Engineered Foam Products business to become a mindset change driven by continuous improvement.

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E-commerce Platforms

Our Brands

Engineered Foam Products has a number of e-commerce websites that provide a platform to purchase some of the products we manufacture.

HOTBIN Composting

Our HOT Composter manufactured in Polypropylene produces compost at home in 30-90 days, 32 time faster than traditional composting.


JB Packaging

We have been manufacturing Polystyrene Boxes for over 30 years, explore our range of temperature-controlled packaging available from our JB Packaging shop.


Polystyrene Block

We have a standard range of EPS and EPP blocks available to order from stock, ideal for sculpting and sample making.


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