Heat Exchanger Ducting

The thermal insulation properties of EPS and exceptionally high strength to weight ratio makes this material ideal for HVAC ducting. Not only are the components lightweight and faster to install, but the moulded foam helps minimise heat loss and reduce condensation for a really efficient system.

Heat Exchanger Ducting

EPS Material Properties


Outstanding thermal insulation

Sound Deadening

Can dampen absorb or block sound

100% Recyclable

Fully end of life recyclable

Industry Application


The Breakdown

All-in-one Moulded Solutions With Exceptional Thermal Performance

Lightweight expanded polystyrene (EPS) used for HVAC ducting is a durable solution preventing heat loss and speeds up HVAC system install.

  • Compatibility with chosen heat recovery system
  • Minimises system heat loss
  • No need for extra connections or components
  • Faster and easier product install
  • Reduced cost in materials compared to other ducting products

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Heating Systems

Heating Systems

HVAC system manufacturers incorporate EPP into their product designs for enhanced thermal and acoustic insulation properties for all sorts of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning applications.

Underfloor heating tiles

Underfloor Heating

EPS underfloor heating systems offer excellent thermal insulation, durability and simplify installation with pre-routed channels to accommodate heat diffuser plates and pipework.

EPS insulation

EPS Insulation

Expanded polystyrene is one of the most thermally efficient and cost-effective insulation materials to reduce co2 emissions whilst achieving u value requirements.

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