Bumper Cores

Front and rear bumper cores made from Expanded Polypropylene boast an unrivalled energy absorption and exceptional performance. The front and rear bumpers are the first point of contact when a vehicle is involved in a crash. It is for this reason that car manufacturers have adopted Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) high-impact shock absorption capabilities, as the right solution to keep passengers and pedestrians safer.

The replacement of heavier car components with EPP has achieved part weight reduction of up to 70% which deliver substantial cost and energy savings when multiplied across annual vehicle production numbers.

EPP bumper core

EPP Material Properties


Weight-saving without compromise

Energy Absorption

Cushioning of crash impacts

100% Recyclable

Fully end of life recyclable

Industry Application


The breakdown

Keeping Road Users Safe

As the sector evolves, weight, efficiency and safety are future-proof qualities of any vehicle irrespective of a cars price tag, intelligence or level of automation.

  • Proven performance
  • System mass reduction to up 30%
  • Zero damage at low-speed impacts
  • Weight optimisation
  • Pedestrian safety

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