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State-of-the-Art Technical Design Centre

Our technical centre in Northampton uses the latest CAD design software and technology. The design team works closely with you leading the way in the development of innovative moulded foam solutions. Working from one of four networked Catia and Pro Engineer CAD work stations we produce high quality, precision prototypes are produced directly from CAD data using CNC technology.

Our 3 CNC machines have multi tool change capabilities to speed sample production and improve efficiency. These powerful machines cut low to high densities of material expanded foam to produce accurate samples for fit and evaluation. We also prototype by hand using a mix of disciplines including hot wire cutting, milling and routing.

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Dedicated Design

Our expertise at your fingertips.

The Design and Innovation team are a talented group of individuals whose expertise in design, innovation, problem solving, CAD design and CNC prototyping, position them as a major asset to the business.

They are involved with our customers right at the beginning of the relationship where communication is key; assisting with design, project timings, quality and managing customer expectations.

The team support clients with any design or innovation ideas, collaborating with the customer to bring an idea to life or by offering a fresh view on an existing design problem. Solutions are offered in a way that maximises our material properties for the customer in any given application.

Meet our Design Team

Our experienced design team can work with you to develop a concept or take you existing CAD drawings to further optimise the design for any key criteria.

“The most rewarding element of my role which makes me feel great is when you are talking and collaborating to solve a problem. The most satisfying thing to me is when you’re in a meeting and bouncing ideas around and coming up with new ideas. You take any given problem, then think of the solution, you design that solution, you make it and it works, you get a great feeling of satisfaction from that. Thinking of an idea, bringing it to fruition and seeing it work, it’s what I love and why I have been in design for 40 years.”

– Shaun Macintosh, Head of Innovation and Design

Staff member Shaun

Shaun MacIntosh

Head of Innovation & Design

Staff member Tom

Tom Hunt

Design & Development Manager

Staff member Luke

Luke Davis

Design Project Engineer

Staff member Tom

Tom Deakin

Design Project Engineer

Staff Member Luke

Luke Jennings

Automotive Project Engineer

Staff Member Carol

Carol Kinder

Design & NPI Engineer

What We Offer

Our Design services include:

Handy Scan portable CMMs and 3D imaging technology

CNC milling for sample making direct from CAD data

CAD data import of various file types (ProE, Catia, Iges, Step, etc.)

Dedicated project engineer support on all projects

Dedicated New Product Introduction (NPI) Engineer

CAD Software - PTC Creo V6, Dassault Systems Catia V6 and 3D Systems Geomagic

In-house transit simulation testing

Design consultancy

DFM (Designed for manufacturability) studies

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Engineered foam products offer a full service to efficiently progress you project from initial enquiry through to delivery final production and delivery. Our dedicated people are with you every step of the way and work hard to bring you added value difficult to find elsewhere.

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