EPS Pontoons

Expanded polystyrene’s (EPS) natural composition of 98% air not only makes the material extremely resource efficient but is inherently both highly buoyant and hydrophobic lending itself perfectly to the construction of floating mooring and sailing club pontoons.

EPS pontoons

EPS Material Properties

Buoyancy/ Hydrophobic

Ideal for floatation applications


High strength to weight ratio

100% Recyclable

Fully end of life recyclable

Industry Application


The Breakdown

EPS For Marine Pontoon Flotation

Naturally consisting of 98% air, expanded polystyrene is inherently highly buoyant, hydrophobic and perfectly suited for the construction of floating mooring and docks.

  • EPS is inert and does not leach chemicals – So will not harm any marine life
  • Simple to encapsulate and easy to cut, shape and customise
  • Super lightweight, straightforward to install and easy handling

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