Minimise Supply Chain Damage

The logistics of shipping pharmaceutical products requires a different approach to that of standard goods. In many cases temperature control is required to ensure that contents remain viable once they reach their destination. The sensitive nature of pharmaceuticals and medical products means that a well-designed temperature controlled packaging solution is absolutely essential part of safe intact delivery.

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Temperature Controlled Packaging

EPS and EPP has a low rate of thermal conductivity and is food contact safe making it ideal for the transportation of ...

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The logistics of shipping pharmaceutical products requires the best possible protection during transit


The Benefits

Secure packaging for vital vaccines

Be it Covid-19 or flu vaccines they need to maintain a specific temperature after manufacturing remain viable, during storage this can be achieved with fridges and freezers but during transit that is not always possible so a special EPS box is needed to ensure stability. When paired with a cooling medium like dry ice thermal EPS boxes are efficient enough to ensure these essential vaccines are kept in perfect conditions as low as -70°C.

  • Thermal Insulation

    Outstanding insulation that protects from external temperature shifts that can damage drug viability

  • Lightweight

    Easy to handle and more fuel efficient to transport locally or globally

  • Strength

    High strength to weight ratio and durability

  • Clean and Sterile

    EPS if food contact safe, white material reflects sterile and clean conditions

  • 100% Recyclable

    Fully recyclable material that can be made into new products

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