EPS Insulation

The superb thermal performance of EPS is a proven cost-effective material to create more thermally efficient homes. Variations in grade and thickness can provide greater thermal performance achieving an efficiency as low as 0.030 W/mK. EPS is a cost-effective alternative to PIR and typically available with short lead times when required for urgent delivery.

EPS insulation

EPS Material Properties


Outstanding thermal insulation

Compressive strength

Superb load bearing 70-250kPa

100% Recyclable

Fully end of life recyclable

Industry Application


The Breakdown

Superior Thermal Performance Whatever the Applications

Expanded polystyrene is one of the most thermally efficient and cost-effective insulation materials to reduce co2 emissions whilst achieving u value requirements.

  • Excellent thermal insulation and no loss of performance over time
  • Helps to improve energy efficiency in residential and commercial builds
  • EPS provides a high strength to weight ratio and excellent U-values
  • EPS reduces heat loss so less energy is needed to heat our homes, lowering fuel consumption and reducing energy bills for consumers
  • Clean EPS is 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life

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Underfloor heating tiles

Underfloor Heating

EPS underfloor heating systems offer excellent thermal insulation, durability and simplify installation with pre-routed channels to accommodate heat diffuser plates and pipework.


Temperature Controlled Packaging

EPS and EPP has a low rate of thermal conductivity and is food contact safe making it ideal for the transportation of temperature sensitive products

Beam and Block

Beam and Block Infill

Beam and block infill and top sheets help improve the thermal performance of the ground floors of new-build domestic houses.



Insulation provided by moulded foam beehives mean bees can survive the temperature extremes.

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