Modular Platform Systems

The exceptional compressive strength and lightweight nature of EPS allows for a faster construction of railway platforms using the modular EPS system without comprising on build quality. The lightweight foam blocks made of 98% air drastically shorten the installation time of new platforms and platform sections; no concrete foundation is needed and only minimum excavation is required with less labour making it a more cost effective method of construction.

EPS platform systems

EPS Material Properties


Ideal for floatation applications


Huge weight reduction potential

100% Recyclable

Fully end of life recyclable

Industry Application

Consumer Products

The Breakdown

Industry Approved EPS Modular Polystyrene Platform System

As a business we supply EPS blocks to MegaTech Projects Ltd for use in their innovative modular station platform systems.

  • EPS material chosen for its excellent compressive strength, durability
  • Large EPS block are lightweight and ease of handling
  • EPS block system makes construction 2-3 times quicker than alternative
  • System cost savings due to minimum excavation and no concrete foundation

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