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Moulded foam dunnage, most commonly black expanded polypropylene (EPP) is used extensively within the returnable packaging and automotive industry. Material handling fulfils the crucial role of ensuring the protection of high value products and parts in transit throughout the entire supply chain from manufacturing to the production line.

Bespoke returnable packaging solutions help protect valuable components, preventing surface scuffs dents and breakages during transit handling. Packs also offer the following:

  • Improved container loading and reduced unit cost
  • Packaging cost spread over its lifetime use
  • Reduced part reject rates – preventing production stoppages
  • Reduced waste

Featured Products


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EPS and EPP has a low rate of thermal conductivity and is food contact safe making it ideal for the transportation of ...

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The logistics of shipping pharmaceutical products requires the best possible protection during transit

Material Handling

Material Handling Systems

Transit packaging solutions utilise a multi material-neutral approach to develop material handling systems.


Returnable Packaging

Used extensively throughout the automotive industry, reusable dunnage trays benefit from the exceptional impact protection properties of EPP helping reduce supply line ...


The Benefits

Pack, Protect and Preserve

Returnable packaging has a very long-life span, however units can be easily replaced if they suffer any wear and tear. Any old mouldings are recycled which helps to reduce overall waste in the supply chain.

  • Energy Absorption

    Excellent resilience and cushioning qualities, EPP reforms to its original shape after an impact.

  • Insulation

    Outstanding thermal insulation for both hot and cold applications

  • Lightweight

    Huge weight reduction potential which translates to impressive fuel efficiencies for any mode of transport.

  • Strength

    High strength to weight ratio and durability

  • Multi Impact Protection

    Recoverable material that bounces back, capable of taking multiple impacts without damage

  • 100% Recyclable

    Fully recyclable and available in recycled grades containing granulated end of life parts.

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