Sophisticated 3D Shapes and More

As well as a unique set material properties EPP is diverse enough to allow the creation of parts that integrate living hinges, multiple densities, inserts and cable management channels as part of the moulding process.

Cost-Effective, High-Performance Materials

Materials and material grades available in low to very high densities that have embedded enhancements are now available include expanded foams that offer:

  • Complex geometry moulding
  • Fire retardancy
  • Electrostatic discharge protection
  • End of life composting

Tooling, processing and manufacturing innovation also brings features to foam that you may not be aware of including:

  • Dual density moulding – The ability to mould different areas of the same tool in different densities
  • Insert moulding – The ability directly in mould metal wires and plastic fixtures into a part
  • Textured ‘A’ class surface finished that disguise the natural appearance of the beads
  • Living hinges
  • Pop-locks and resistance fits


Enhanced Visual Appeal

Look beyond the beads by adding a texture or surface skin to your product. New technology allows you to achieve a class ‘A’ surface finish on our EPS and EPP foams. This gives you more flexibility and allows lightweight, energy absorbing components to be on display with their improved aesthetics. Surfacing will improve the material properties and enhance visual and tactile appeal by disguising the natural bead effect.

  • Create an ‘A’ surface finish
  • Add strength to your product
  • Add value to your product
  • Reduce costs
  • Remove a secondary operation
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EPP bronze surface

Living Hinges

Less Inventory, Improved Functionality

Rather than having 2 separate parts that fit together a durable EPP living hinge can be adopted and used in an infinite number of applications. A living hinge is a way of bonding to parts that fold along one edge and clip together on the other edge. No secondary ops or additional inventory needed and they work with little or zero friction, so are not prone to the wearing and squeaking of tradition hinges, even when susceptible to hundreds of thousands of reps.

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Dual Density

Define part areas that demand extra strength

A mould tool can be customised and segmented into different zones, this give you the capability of taking advantage of a higher or lower density in a specific area of the same moulding.
A dual density moulding can offer you:

  • Better durability
  • Cost savings
  • Different properties & qualities where needed
  • Enhanced protection and shock absorption in specific areas that could be prone to stress

For this dual density base pack for a heavy boiler 4 small rectangular areas have been moulded in a high density to reduce the damage caused by strapping cutting into the EPS material.

The top and base of the boiler pack are moulded in 25g/l

The 4 high density sections on the corner edges are moulded in 70g/l (highlighted yellow)

You can observe the difference it makes where the strapping is concerned.

Polystyrene packaging

Insert Moulding

Embed Fixtures and Fitting for Advanced Features

Including insert moulding technology can result in significant time and cost savings with regards to inventory and final product assembly. During the moulding process multi material inserts, typically plastic, metal, brass or aluminium are carefully positioned into the tools moulding cavities either by hand or robotic arm. The tool then closes and the pre-foamed expanded particle is injected into the tool which fuses tightly around the insert holding it securely in place.

Your next project

The vast choice of grades and processing methods and full recyclability make EPS and EPP serious contenders when searching for alternative materials. Do you think any of the above capabilities could bring improvements to your next project?

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