14 February 2019 | Article

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is an effective material for underfloor heating (UFH) systems offering easy installation, durability, and thermal insulation

Nu-Heat is the UK’s largest supplier of domestic warm water underfloor heating and integrated renewable solutions. Nu-Heat partnered with Foam Products in the UK to create a moulded panel for their LoPro®Lite underfloor heating system. Working with their Regional Sales Manager and Design Project Engineers, Foam Products provided expertise on material and density selection to enable successful project completion.

EPS moulded foam was Nu-Heat’s chosen material for the LoPro®Lite underfloor heating system. Offering excellent thermal insulation, the moulded foam panel is thin yet offers excellent point-load strength without excessively raising the height of the floor during a retro-fit; floor deck is fitted on top. Quick and easy to install, each panel includes pre-routed channels designed to easily accommodate a system of heat diffuser plates and pipes that provide an even distribution of heat in a room.

Nu-Heat UK Ltd was delighted by the expertise and service offered by the team:

Working with DS Smith Plastics, Foam Products has been a dream, their professionalism and knowledge of the materials made our journey easier. We will definitely work with DS Smith Plastics, Foam Products for any future expanded foam projects.

— Heather Oliver, Product Development Manager for Nu-Heat UK Ltd

The benefits of the LoPro®Lite UFH system using EPS:

  • Excellent compressive strength without compromising on height
  • Easy to install for both homeowners and professional installers
  • Laid over existing floor for minimal disruption
  • Prevents heat loss into the ground
  • Dry floor solution requires no screed
  • UFH is around 25% more efficient than radiators

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