2 March 2020 | Press Release

[Northampton, UK – 1 March, 2020] Olympus Partners, a private equity firm with headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, USA, announced they have completed the acquisition of the DS Smith Plastics Division through their portfolio company Liquibox Corp., based in Richmond, Virginia.

Today we introduce Engineered Foam Products, as the new trading name of the business. Engineered Foam Products are a leading UK foam manufacturer with over 50 years’ experience moulding a variety of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and expanded polypropylene (EPP) products across a diverse range of industries including automotive, construction, HVAC, food and aerospace.

With the plastics industry under greater scrutiny than ever, this stage in the business journey sees Engineered Foam Products repositioned as a manufacturer responsibly driven by Sustainable Innovation. By focussing on how foam products are engineered, the business can ensure that moulded parts are sustainable, efficient to produce and fully end of life recyclable.

The new name stems from the acquisition by SCA back in 2001, nearly 20 years ago, when the company became SCA Foam Products and subsequently DS Smith Plastics Foam Products in 2012. Since then, the business has become renowned for its innovation and technical moulding expertise in high end, high value, long life foam products resulting in Engineered Foam Products becoming the most natural evolution for the future identity of the business.

We have been very well invested under DS Smith but the acquisition by Olympus Partners will allow Engineered Foam Products the opportunity to grow. Olympus Partners have a clear commitment and belief in Engineered Foam Products, and we are very excited about the Future. Engineered Foam Products’ mission is to lead through ideas and engineering innovation to maximise the potential of our materials and to provide sustainable solutions to our customers.

— David Vallance, CEO of Engineered Foam Products


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