21 February 2019 | Article

Foam Products will be featuring its award winning HOTBIN at the upcoming United Kingdom Garden Press Event on stand H050.

HOTBIN composting is well known throughout the horticulture industry for its ability to naturally superheat its interior to compost all sorts of food and garden waste.

HOTBIN amplifies natural processes by insulating the heat generated by bacteria during decomposition to create an internal hot composting environment of between 40-60°C. This allows for the effective composting of cooked food and even diseased plants, weeds and seeds, items not suitable for a cold composting system. HOTBIN is manufactured using expanded polypropylene (EPP) so it is also lightweight and durable, capable of lasting a long time in any environment.

The annual Garden Press Event brings together horticultural manufacturers and members of the press and media to discuss the latest news and product launches in the horticulture industry.

Historically the Garden Press Event has provided valuable networking opportunities with the gardening media for HOTBIN Composting and 2019 will mark the fifth year of attendance. Established 14 years ago, the event is now run by Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) and the Garden Industry Manufacturer’s Association (GIMA) and is set to take place just before the new gardening season begins on the 27th February at the Business Design Centre in London.

To purchase and learn more about the HOTBIN Composter visit https://www.hotbincomposting.com/.

To learn more about the United Kingdom Garden Press Event 2019 visit: www.gardenpressevent.co.uk

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