20 May 2021 | Article

Engineered Foam Products’ HOTBIN Composting has been recognised as one of the hottest things in composting after receiving a best buy endorsement from prestigious brand Which?.

Which? tested a range of compost bins available to buy on the market against key criteria; assembly, convenience and composting to establish the very best compost bins currently on the market.

The findings were very positive with Which? remarking that as a result of the high temperatures achieved by the HOTBIN 200 Ltr, the rotting process was the fastest in their trial and classified the HOTBIN 200ltr as the “hottest on test”.

HOTBIN is a hot aerobic composter that reaches temperatures of 40-60°c allowing a wider variety of waste to be composted, including cooked food waste and perennial weeds, producing compost in just 30-90 days. Easy to use, chopped waste is added into the top of the unit and compost harvested from the hatch at the bottom. Up to 32 times faster than traditional cold composting methods, HOTBIN helps reduce the amount of food and garden waste sent to landfill and the need for kerbside food waste collections.

Manufactured from recyclable expanded polypropylene, HOTBIN is fully sealed composter, its thick insulating walls lock in the heat created naturally by bacteria from decomposition negating the need for any external plug-in heat source.

Engineered Foam Products are delighted with the Which? Best Buy and to have this endorsement sitting alongside the Horners Polymer and Innovation Award and RHS Chelsea Product of the Year to recognise the innovation and hard work from the team to develop and produce award-winning HOTBIN.

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