29 June 2018 | Article

Meet the team behind the award-winning HOTBIN Composting at the Royal Horticultural Society’s (RHS) Hampton Court Flower Show at Stand Number 465

Composting food scraps and garden waste is becoming very popular for its benefits towards the environment, as it reduces the amount of organic waste that goes to landfills and corresponding reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. However, it is particularly popular amongst flower and garden enthusiasts that find composting waste beneficial to improve garden soil and fertilise plants.

The HOTBIN team have been showcasing the HOTBIN Composting Bin at various garden and flower show events usually held between spring and summer, every year.

This year’s RHS Hampton Court Flower Show scheduled from the 3 to 8 July, marks the last show of the 2018 season. Featuring the award-winning HOTBIN Composting Bin, and the team is encouraging attendees to visit their stand to learn more about how to divert more food and garden waste from landfills and convert it into organic compost for their gardens.

HOTBIN Composting Bin was recently featured in the RHS and BBC Gardeners Questions Time garden feature at Chatsworth this summer and at the Great British Growing Awards in April, where it was awarded Gold for Best Compost Making Product.

With a 200 litre capacity, it steams away internally between 40- 60°c to speed up the decomposition process without the need for tumbling or turning. Due to the high composting temperatures, cooked food and weed seeds, which are usually avoided for cold compost heaps, can also be added, boosting the attractiveness of this great composting system.

Tickets for the show are available via the Royal Horticultural Society website.

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