10 April 2018 | Article

Foam Products in Livingston, UK installed an Energy Efficient Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Block Moulding and regrinding unit which regrinds production waste at once and stores it, for future use.

Foam Products in Livingston, UK invested £500k in a new Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) block moulding machine with an integrated recycler unit that regrinds production waste, improves production efficiencies, capacity and expand the offer of EPS foam solutions to a variety of markets.

With the new machine, the facility expects to improve its Block moulding production capacity by 450% producing up to 22 EPS blocks an hour in comparison to the previously capacity of 20 blocks per day.

In addition to production efficiencies, the new moulding machine boasts some impressive environmental benefits; it has its own EPS foam recycling unit with the capacity to regrind and granulate up to 20 m³ of material every hour. It also features a closed loop vacuum system that allows for energy recuperation, plus a water/air heat exchanger to heat the block storage area at the Livingston manufacturing site. Furthermore, after an initial fill the system needs no additional water. It uses steam condensation to backflush filters and feed the vacuum pumps.

Efficiencies and benefits include:

  • Polystyrene is recycled and used to make new blocks
  • Energy saving operation with low power consumption
  • Improved quality and appearance excellent fusion
  • Improved density control and range (15-50g/l)
  • Low residual moisture content (will not exceed 5.5% by weight)
  • Improved tolerance control
  • Fewer cleaning cycles and faster cleaning
  • Block weighing system

Expanded Polystyrene blocks are available online and the store offer includes pre-cut sizes in a range of densities from 15 – 30g/l (EPS 70 – EPS 200). A block cutting service is also available upon request should you require blocks of a specific size.  Any off cuts produced from this service are recycled straight away and stored in silos for future use.

Foam Products’ investment in the new machine is expected to allow for fast order fulfilment and improved quality of EPS foam moulded blocks. The investment also demonstrates Foam Products commitment to excellent service, improved efficiency, increase capacity and business growth across the construction industry and other markets.

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