20 December 2017 | Article

Foam Products held a mini innovation roadshow at the Faurecia plant in Valencia, Spain. Representatives from DS Smith presented the Foam Products expanded polypropylene (EPP) and Polystyrene (EPS) portfolio for automotive solutions and components to Faurecia’s team of engineers.

The engineers at Faurecia were interested in the expanded polypropylene (EPP) material capabilities, including moulding in metal fixings which would generate assembly cost savings. They were also interested in the possibility of adding a class ‘A’ surface finish to products to eliminate the need for a protective material to be applied. Surfacing improves the material properties and enhances visual and tactile appeal by disguising the natural bead effect.

Foam Products currently supplies Faurecia with expanded polypropylene automotive componentry including toolkits, rear luggage spacers, carpet spacers and crash pads parts from their manufacturing site in Spennymoor, UK.  Presenting and demonstrating the potential material and production capabilities directly to the design engineers ensures these opportunities are considered during the design of new vehicles.

Holding the innovation roadshow on Faurecia’s site in Valencia helped to further strengthen the business relationship they have with Foam Products and builds confidence to remain the chosen supplier for the future.

The Faurecia roadshow was a fantastic way to reinforce our commitment to our strategic partners and showcase our versatility when moulding EPP and EPS, we also highlighted new and current techniques. We have since met with the Commodity buyer and feedback from all who attended has been great. The engineers are looking at the next evolution of EPP products whether this is with a surface finish, living hinged parts or undercuts.

— Mark Hunt, Foam Products Regional Sales Manager

Foam Products has been doing business with Faurecia for over 10 years. Faurecia requested a road show during a customer survey conducted as part of Foam Products ISO TS16949 accreditation requirements. The road shows are an excellent route to present the Foam Products expanded polypropylene offering at every level. Involving the design engineers highlights the materials available to them at the vehicle/product design stage. 

About Faurecia

Faurecia is a global leader in three areas of business, automotive seating, interior systems and emission control technologies. They are the preferred partner of the world’s largest automakers who value their operational excellence and technological expertise

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