21 March 2019 | Article

Presented with the opportunity to sell direct to the construction market Engineered Foam Products invests in a state-of-the-art test facility.

Exploring new markets, Foam Products has invested in new testing equipment and a test lab facility to support the requirements of construction companies using EPS in their projects. This will be in addition to its previously installed block mould machine added last year and a new foam cutting line meant to be added later this year.

The business intends this investment to help them gain market share in the construction industry with additional opportunities into Civils, SIP panels and off-site construction systems.

The additional equipment will allow them to maintain their products to European Standard 13163, the industry specification while also supporting further production and product developments, for example; the addition of rework material to meet proposed Green legislation.

Learn more about this expansion and Foam Products’ capabilities by contacting Stephen Mortimer, Account Manager at Stephen.mortimer@engineeredfoamproducts.com.

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