10 September 2018 | Article

Expanded polypropylene foam insulation and sound barrier properties are attracting Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC) manufacturers, who are incorporating EPP on new product designs.

Foam Products partnered with Switch2, a leading supplier within community and district heating schemes, and their design team to develop a Heat Interface Unit (HIU) incorporating expanded polypropylene (EPP) material.

The client chose EPP for its high insulation, durability, acoustic deadening and versatility. With Foam Products’ insert moulding capability, time could be saved during both inventory and assembling lines. Our moulded foams offer a high degree of dimensional tolerance making them ideally suited to applications where a good fit is required. At the end of the HIU’s lifecycle, the EPP components are 100% recyclable.

The newly developed HIU consists of several EPP parts, a main frame which has sheet metal brackets & plastic inserts moulded within, mouldings for supporting & insulating the two plate heat exchangers and an outer casing. The two heat exchanger mouldings together with the plate heat exchangers slot into the main frame. They are retained and secured with sheet metal brackets and screws. The outer casing interlocks with the main frame and is secured with two screws.

Foam Products worked with Switch2’s design house to conduct a feasibility review of the design and to offer advice and solutions to ensure success.

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