20 May 2021 | Article

The Design and Innovation team are the creative driving force bringing product ideas to life.

Whether it’s a new product or exploring a fresh view on an existing design problem, the team are there to support clients from design conception through to the full life of the product.

Working collaboratively with customers, the team develop design ideas from a new brief or an existing CAD model. Building a clear picture of product requirements helps produce a design solution that satisfies the purpose, features and function required by the end user.

Technical developmental support evaluates the product design concept, highlighting any potential weakness and suggesting improvements whilst evaluating manufacturing feasibility, in relation to tooling and machinery.

Using the latest CAD software and CNC capabilities, the team are able to turn sketches into living, breathing prototypes providing the opportunity to test prior to tooling investment and evaluate the design with consumers or against other products to ensure it is fit for its intended application.

CNC prototyping isn’t limited to expanded foam, a material neutral approach is taken to enhance the end product with the capability to design in other materials into the prototype such as aluminium, steel and injection plastics. Other parts via rapid prototyping methods like stereolithography and 3D printing can also be integrated to form an essential part of the customers prototype.

Sustainable innovation is our core and consideration is given to every step of the manufacturing process and how sustainability can be improved. From maximising material properties to optimise for weight-saving or thermal efficiency benefits to the supply chain and end of life recycling, Engineered Foam Products constantly seek ways to achieve a design that is truly a sustainable innovation.

“The most satisfying thing to me in Design is when you’re in a meeting and bouncing ideas around, talking and collaborating to solve a problem. Thinking of an idea, bringing it to fruition and seeing it work, it’s what I love and why I have been in design for 40 years.”

Shaun MacIntosh
Head of Innovation and Desig

Engineered Foam Products Design and Innovation Team are based at the Northampton Head Office, to learn more and discuss your product requirements, get in touch today.

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