24 March 2021 | Article

Our 4 manufacturing sites in the UK stretch from North to south (Livingston, Spennymoor, Northampton and Torpoint) they are strategically positioned across the UK.

This means that manufacturing can be planned according to customer proximity to help reduce costs and lower carbon emissions associated with longer haulage runs. Less distance between production and the end customer when shipping direct also translates to shorter lead times and therefore a better service.

Our geographic coverage, quality of finished product and our ability to develop and innovate were key to Engineered Foam Products being appointed by Forterra in 2020. We currently supply grey and white EPS used in conjunction with Forterra’s Bison Precast Jetfloor system which uses a mix of moulded ‘T’ shapes and cut top sheets prior to a structural concrete topping being poured.

Turning over £380M in 2019, Forterra are the biggest supplier of flooring systems in the UK, their expanded polystyrene Jetfloor system provides thermal performance of the ground floors in new build domestic houses.

With the governments ambitious plans in place for the construction of new build homes across England and Wales major housing developers are reliant on fast in time delivery from key building materials suppliers like Forterra. Engineered Foam Products are the only EPS manufacturer in the UK with four moulding sites, the positioning of these sites means that EPS delivery for essential housing developments is never more than 120 miles from any delivery destination in the UK. Our ability to shape-mould the narrow and wide variations of the ‘T’ shaped infill pieces for the Jetfloor system sets us apart from the competition and shows how we innovate as a business and explore different ways of doing things.


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