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The Rittal UK manufacturing site located in Roborough, Plymouth was purchasing large loads of expanded polystyrene (EPS) protective packaging from a supplier based in Germany. The EPS moulded parts were used to protect Rittal’s IT enclosure cabinets during transportation and logistical cost related to the transport and storage of these components was a high expense to the company.

The Challenge

When Rittal contacted Foam Products in Northampton, UK they were looking for a reliable manufacturer of moulded EPS foam that could assist in reducing their logistics and transportation costs and responds to their commitment to social responsibility and the environment.

Our Approach

Foam Products presented Rittal with a returnable system capable of reducing Rittal’s logistic costs related to storage and transportation. The solution presented consisted of AkyPak reusable and recyclable bulk container that would carry the daily deliveries of EPS protective packaging foam components manufactured from a nearby location in Torpoint, England. The vicinity of both stakeholders made it possible for a quick response to changes in demand. Furthermore, AkyPak bulk returnable containers are foldable when empty thus reducing costs associated with return logistics.

The proposal was accepted by Rittal who provided Foam Products with CAD drawings to develop a set of injection moulded tooling to produce expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam mouldings suitable for all sizes of Rittal’s IT enclosure cabinets. The set consisted of four universal corners and four straight mouldings in varying lengths to meet the individual size requirements.

The Results

Foam Products is supplying expanded polystyrene moulded foam components which are transported daily to Rittal facility in AkyPak returnable bulk containers. EPS components were manufactured in accordance to Rittal’s previous packaging specifications, resulting in a smooth and seamless transition of the business from Germany to the UK. With improved quality of packaging, just in time delivery and a closed loop system, Rittal has been able to reduce costs associated with logistics and transportation.

About Rittal

Rittal UK Ltd is part of the Friedhelm Loh Group, headquartered in Germany.  Founded in 1961, the company has evolved to become the world’s leading systems provider for IT enclosure cabinets, power distribution, climate control, IT infrastructure and software and services. Rittal is a top quality supplier to a wide range of industries including machinery and plant engineering, automotive through to information technology. The company has a high commitment to responsibility to the environment and society.

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