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Services: Design

Engineered Foam Products was tasked with designing a new reusable plastic tote tray for automotive radios that would ship in bulk to Germany. A vital requirement of the new packaging solution was to offer protective dunnage that would be stackable on a specified size of pallet.

The Challenge:

Engineered Foam Products was challenged to develop two returnable, stackable and reusable plastic tote trays; the first to contain five interfaces and the second to house four interfaces for the deeper screens of the other car. Both plastic trays needed identical external dimensions and must stack efficiently on a specific size of pallet to maximize the quantity of goods in each shipment.

Our Approach:

The initial pack was designed in-house by Engineered Foam Products. The final production was later expanded to include a variation of the reusable tray for use in another automotive radio design. With in-house CNC sampling capabilities, Engineered Foam Products was able to supply prototype samples prior for them to finalize the assembly process. This helped to ensure that the plastic trays met their requirements.

The Results:

The protective packaging was made to fit the specified pallet size and offered a secure and reliable protective packaging for transit and manual handling. As an additional service, Engineered Foam Products also sourced and supplied self-adhesive labelling to fit the in-moulded recesses.

Additional Benefits:

  • Designed to fit a customer specified pallet size
  • Stackable packaging design to maximize onward shipping space
  • Material grade offers anti-static properties EPP grade assures greater protection from electrostatic discharge
  • Inclusion of hand holes within the tote trays for enhanced ergonomic performance and ease of movement
  • Integrated label recesses to ensure clear labelling
  • Common female tools facilitated quicker tooling lead times and fast tracked the production process

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