8 August 2018 | Article

Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) is one of the best materials to manufacture reliable living hinges that offer Dynamic and Flexible Design Features.

Technology is changing and design with it. This has created a need to change how EPP solutions look and function to keep up with high consumer expectations. Due to this, Foam Products is spotlighting how EPP living hinges can enhance any packaging and component parts and adding them to their product offer. A living hinge is moulded during the manufacturing process and is created using a thin part of the same material that joins two pieces together allowing the two sections to open and close. Living hinges can be found in every day products that are designed to be opened and closed on a regular basis; like returnable, multi-use packaging and cases to protect fragile high value products.

Expanded Polypropylene foam is considered to be the one of best materials for producing living hinges. Foam Products has this capability to mould living hinges straight into any EPP product or component offering greater design flexibility.

Living hinges look sleek and are sturdy irrespective of size. If utilised this advanced moulding technique improves functionality and brings with it a number of major advantages:

  • Cost savings: Hinges are created during moulding, no extra fixings or secondary operations are required.
  • Rust free: EPP is water and moisture resistant and corrosion free.
  • Low maintenance: There is no need to lubricate an EPP living hinge.
  • Durable:  No moving parts, no friction, making them less prone to wear and failure.
  • Design versatility: Living hinges enhance functionality, appearance and help meet physical and mechanical design criteria.
  • Reduced inventory: By creating flaps, caps and lids joined by a hinged means the moulding is only one part.
  • Pop-locks: A pop-lock can be used to secure the hinged sections.
  • Resistance to ageing: Superior strength brings with it longevity for the lifespan of the hinge’s working life.
  • Numerous applications: An EPP living hinge opens up design possibilities and offers additional functionality.
  • Improved aesthetics: Living hinges give an uninterrupted consistent finish across the moulding’s surface.

Consult with Foam Products on your next project and explore what’s possible with EPP living hinges and how they could enhance your finished product.

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