Manufacturing for the horticultural industry began with seed trays.

The excellent thermal properties of expanded foams lend themselves ideally to the horticultural industry where the insulation of roots is particularly important for the protection of seedlings. Engineered Foam Products now manufacture a large amount of expanded polystyrene seed trays for some of the UK’s largest garden and nursery retailers throughout the UK, expanded foam seed trays offer the following benefits

  • Aid moisture retention in the summer
  • Protect roots from temperature extremes
  • Lightweight, containing 98% air
  • Strong and durable
  • Reusable
  • Recyclable

Available in a range of sizes, seed trays vary from 6 and 12 cell configurations to larger, jumbo variations for more growing room.

Expanded Foam is recyclable and sustainable using only a small amount of material in manufacture. From seed trays, expanded foams have also been used to manufacture other products in related industries such as raised bed planters, plant pots, compost bins and even bee hives.