30 January 2019 | Article

Known for their superior durability that makes them reusable, lightweight for easy carrying and excellent insulation properties that maintain the temperature of the contents for longer, EPP boxes continue to be the most popular solution to safely transport food products.

Foam Products worked with Posh Nosh Catering to strengthen their professional delivery image by supplying durable catering boxes which complimented their brand. The EPP foam boxes were selected for their excellent insulation properties that would keep catered food fresh during hours of transportation and also at the event itself. Moulded in bright green, the boxes reinforce the freshness of the contents inside whilst the Posh Nosh logotype was embossed onto the outside of the box to strengthen the brand; crucially creating an eye-catching professional delivery experience for the customer.

This new returnable packaging system has allowed the catering company to provide their first-class cuisine at any time regardless of outside temperatures, distance or inevitable event delays. Furthermore, EPP boxes’ lightweight properties offer efficiencies in manpower required for handling, savings in transportation and reductions in COemissions.

Learn more about Foam Product’s EPP moulded foam boxes, properties, advantages and their numerous applications here.

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