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Read more about Tina and her 24 years’ service, she plays a key role in our production processes and helps maintain the smooth running of our Livingston manufacturing site.

Describe a typical day for you
Commencing the day involves rising early, ensuring everything is in order before work, and taking my dog Cooper for a walk. At the workplace, alongside Stevie Fitzpatrick, the Shift Leader, we allocate tasks to employees operating the machines. Throughout the shift, my responsibilities include repairing and maintaining machines, conducting test runs, assisting with tool changes, and contributing to production. If time permits, I engage in clean-up activities.

What was your role when you first started?
Initially stationed in the IMG (Integrated Materials Group) department, I assembled units for our customer at the time Jabil NETAPP (computer storage systems) and I mastered the technique of making end caps by heat bonding EPE foam. Thereafter, we built up cardboard boxes into a kit format ready for Jabil’s assembly lines.

What changes have you seen since you started?
The work environment has evolved over time, technology has seen significant changes within the business year after year with new machinery bringing about positive changes and introducing machinery to enhance efficiency and productivity. The integration of advanced tools and equipment has facilitated a more inclusive and diverse environment, encouraging the active participation of both men and women across various roles.

What tasks do you find most enjoyable in your current role?
Preferred tasks include assuming responsibility for a shift in the absence of shift leaders, undertaking varied roles to relieve them. I enjoy fixing machines, ensuring downtime is minimal, and solving problems that employees may find challenging. Depending on the task, I work both independently and as part of a team.

What motivates you in your job?
Motivation stems from the opportunity to learn something new regularly. Memorable moments include my initial days when my father also worked here and becoming the second female prefoamer in the business.

Was a hands-on career in manufacturing always the plan?
My journey here wasn’t planned; circumstances led me to Tuscarora when I was working at Mitsubishi. With short notice and a newborn to support, I joined the company. Recommended by my father, I initially found production less challenging but later discovered other skills which helped my development and get me to where I am today as a Process Technician.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Finding joy in any available free time, I engage in outdoor activities with Cooper, my one-year-old black Labrador. Additionally, I indulge in reading FBI-related books and watching documentaries.

What important lessons have you learned over the years?
Over the years, I’ve learned to stay calm and recognise my capabilities, understanding that I am more capable than I might initially think.

About your mentors and training
Mentored by individuals like John Purdie, Heather Walkinshaw, and Stevie Fitzpatrick, I recently underwent abrasive training, acquiring proficiency in using a grinder and also I’m training do to tool changes.

How has your time at EFP been?
The key to personal and professional growth is the commitment to continuous learning and self-challenge. This year, I transitioned to the role of a Process Technician, embracing everyday challenges and participating in training modules. Aligned with company values, I strive to be responsive and caring in all aspects of my work.

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