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Foam Products offers Expanded Polystyrene(EPS) custom solutions for transit packaging to protect products and provide an environmentally cost effective solution.

The pressure to deliver more innovative, cost competitive, and sustainable packaging is as intense as the role it plays in protecting product integrity and appearance while in transit to customers. Foam Products understand these requirements and work closely with customers, to offer custom, durable and recyclable Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) solutions to protect the integrity of products while in transit. Furthermore, Foam Products value proposition include product components that are integral part of the final product.

EPS Protective Packaging

EPS foam is one of the most versatile packaging materials available. EPS packaging benefits include:

  • Resiliency – Through working with differing or dual density moulded EPS foam parts eliminates the need of secondary heavy materials such as wood, to strengthen and assure product protection.
  • One part fits all – For products containing accessories or instruction books, EPS foam packaging can house them securely in place within the same moulded part with specially designed cavities.
  • Shrink-Wrap only – No secondary packaging is needed to protect the product and large appliances are easily identified which reduce incorrect picking on warehouses.

EPS foam as an integral part of products

EPS foam can also be used as an internal or external part of a product as some of its properties include shock absorption, noise reduction and insulation.

At Foam Products, we delight our customers by providing more than one option of choice. Today, customers expect and demand innovation in new materials, design and application of the newest technologies. We have a dedicated research and design team who constantly seek and trial new materials and work closely with customers to explore different options and achieve optimum savings on the final product.

Simulation of transit conditions

Real life transit testing plays an important role in ensuring the packaging does its job. The highest requirement for transit packaging is to reduce damage and returns. DS Smith Plastics, Foam Products has the capability to simulate all manual and mechanical transit conditions, demonstrating the effectiveness of the pack.

Reducing risk and waste

Reducing waste during transit is one of the most important concerns of a product manufacturer. EPS foam packaging reduces damage and returns, providing cost savings to product manufacturers while maintaining consumer’s expectation of the product to arrive in pristine condition.


EPS foam packaging is recyclable at its end of life which supports key environmental issues. Foam Products UK understands the need to avoid EPS to reach landfills or oceans. We recycle and accept used foam in our UK locations and encourage customers to promote the proper disposal of all plastics. Although plastics do not decompose, they can be properly disposed and recycled into new products or turned into energy.

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