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Having now completed his three-year apprenticeship, Ben is now proud to be a full-time contracted Maintenance Technician at Engineered Foam Products (EFP).

About Ben

With an enquiring, technical mind attuned to problem solving, Bens love for engineering stemmed from his youth. Having been inspired by watching his father tinkering with motorbikes, Ben developed a love for scooters and pushbikes and spent his free time dismantling the vehicles and upgrading their components.

Bens apprenticeship as a Maintenance Technician, based in Spennymoor, began on solid foundations. With an existing passion for engineering coupled with a Level 3 Mechanical Engineering Diploma under his belt, Ben was midway through his second year HNC in Electrical Engineering when he started.

Having now completed his three-year apprenticeship, Ben is now proud to be a full-time contracted Maintenance Technician at Engineered Foam Products (EFP).

Ben. You’re hired!

A typical day for Ben as an apprentice at EFP

‘No day is ever the same but typically I share my time between the maintenance and servicing of machines, facilities and equipment that are vital to the upkeep and smooth running of the Spennymoor production and take meter readings and conduct boiler and compressor checks on a daily basis. Every day is different and I am never bored; it’s great to work with people across different disciplines and have a varied workload without the restriction of a fixed daily routine”.

EFP manufacture products for some of the biggest automotive and construction industry suppliers in the UK and any down-time can significantly impact on customer supply chains. Bens role is essential in supporting the daily running of facilities and moulding presses which are the lifeblood of the business.

What Did You Enjoy Most About the Apprenticeship?

Ben enjoyed the continual investment in training such as the IPAF Scissor Lift course whilst also learning about electronics and building and wiring motors. He welcomed the challenge of the hands-on work given to him during his apprenticeship, finding reward from fault finding, quick diagnosis of issues and having the autonomy to carry out repairs of his own accord.

“Although juggling a final year HNC and Apprenticeship NVQ was a challenge, I have great memories of being mentored and job shadowing where I was able to continue to learn on the job and allow my passion for electronics to grow which benefitted my assessments later on. It’s been great to feel like a valued member of the team making a difference’

What Is It Like Working At EFP?

For Ben, the team based work culture at Engineered Foam Products and the training and developmental support are two of the reasons why he enjoys working for the company.

At EFP employees are encouraged to work as a team but to also use their initiative as they are given the freedom and responsibility to carry out their job roles.

“I’ve really enjoyed the social aspect of working within a friendly and approachable team at Spennymoor and feel confident to ask questions of the mentors around me if there are things I am uncertain about. I feel like a valued member of the team and the time that has been invested in my training over the last 3 years has really motivated me”.

What’s Next for Ben?

Ben is keen to continue to learn and develop his skillset but knows that he needs to walk before he can run. He’s on the first step of the ladder and wants to level up his understanding of electrical and mechanical systems.

“I look forward to seeing how my career at EFP progresses. I feel like I have earnt the trust of the people around me and have enjoyed taking on new responsibilities. I love troubleshooting and want to broaden my knowledge to learn how things work throughout the factory and why things break down. I am determined to continue to learn, develop and do well”.

Join the team at EFP

Every EFP Graduate or Apprentice recruit has an important role whether in customer services, sales, maintenance or engineering; our people are crucial to our overall success as a growing sustainable business.

Regardless of experience, EFP are looking for enthusiastic candidates with a positive and professional manner. If you’re thinking about making a rewarding career change to a team-orientated organisation with great benefits and opportunities then please take a look at our careers page for vacancies or click apply today.

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