24 October 2018 | Article

Foam Products was delighted to collect an award for HOTBIN composting for “Best Compost Making Product” in the 2018 Great British Growing Awards.

Defeating the competition from other compost bins and composting accelerator products within the category, HOTBIN was independently nominated by passionate gardeners across the UK before securing first place in the awards after thousands voted for their industry favourites.

HOTBIN is a hot composting bin made of expanded polypropylene foam (EPP) which composts different types of food and garden waste including cooked food, weeds and more. What makes HOTBIN stand apart from the competition resides in the insulation provided by its EPP walls allowing internal temperatures to climb to 40-60°C by insulating heat generated naturally by bacteria decomposing waste. These temperatures allow for more efficient and effective compost production than any other composting bins in the industry without the need for compost accelerators in just 30-90 days.

The Great British Growing Awards was founded by the leading horticultural publication Grow Your Own magazine. The awards, now in their fourth year, showcase the very best products, brands, events and writers within the gardening industry.

The HOTBIN was a previous winner of two Bronze awards; this latest achievement cements the popularity of the HOTBIN Composting BinHOTBIN Composting amongst UK gardeners.

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