28 November 2018 | Article

The front and rear bumpers are the first point of contact when a vehicle is involved in a crash. It is for this reason that car manufacturers have adopted Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) high-impact shock absorption capabilities, as the right solution to keep passengers safer.

Foam Products in the UK has been manufacturing automotive components since 1999 and as part of their offer for the industry include Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) bumper.

In addition to its shock absorption properties, EPP is a lightweight and durable material that is fast becoming the material of choice of automotive engineers that are in a continuous search for high performance materials that can reduce weight and CO2 emissions whilst also improving crash test results and number one keeping passengers as safe as possible.

The replacement of heavier car components with EPP has achieved part weight reduction of up to 70% which deliver substantial cost and energy savings when multiplied across annual vehicle production numbers.

As the sector evolves, weight, efficiency and safety are future-proof qualities of any vehicle irrespective of a cars price tag, intelligence or level of automation.

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