23 October 2018 | Article

Engineered Foam Products is doing their best to recycle wasted expanded foam products and with the help of local communities, more foam products than ever have been disposed of properly.

One of the struggles with plastic products is that many facilities do not have designated services to dispose of the leftover packaging, this is especially the case when it comes to foam products like expanded polypropylene and polystyrene. In order to combat bad practices in the disposal of used expanded foam, Foam Products is pushing to make it easier for anybody to correctly recycle any waste or littered products in convenient recycling collection posts.

In many communities that house a Engineered Foam Products manufacturing facility, there can be excess plastic that communities have used, so to make it easier to dispose of, there are now labeled posts near every site that is checked and collected by the Engineered Foam Products team. The manufacturing facility near Millbrook, England recently had a community service event, where they encouraged employees and local citizens to collect improperly disposed of expanded polypropylene and polystyrene and place them in the correctly marked bins around the community.

The day has been labeled as a success and shows the commitment of Engineered Foam Products to better their local communities to show they are not just a business but an active part of the community and giving back in any way is the best way to show their dedication to their neighbors.

Correct disposal of foam products is beneficial to keep local and global communities safe and clean for all. Recycling these products also allows for them to be broken down and built into new products over and over again.

Join Engineered Foam Products and see if there are foam product disposal bins in your local communities.

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