28 March 2018 | Article

Foam Products is experiencing an increase in the demand of insulated shipping boxes for transporting fresh pet food.

The UK is a nation of pet lovers and the number of households owning a pet is on the rise. In 2017, an estimated 44% of UK households owned a pet, a 4% increase from the previous year. In Britain, pets are often considered ‘an additional member of the family’.

As the number of pet owners grow, it is not surprising to observe a growing interest in pet nutrition. More than ever, pet owners are switching from canned and dry pet food bought in supermarkets and pet shops, to fresh pet food options such as meat and vegetables delivered to your home. This new trend has increased the demand for insulated shipping boxes to maintain the nutritious pet food fresh for longer periods of time or while in transit.

Why are fresh pet foods becoming so popular; what are some of the benefits they offer our pets; and what results are being observed by pet lovers?

  • The food is easier to digest and suitable for older pets or pets with sensitive digestion systems
  • Fresh food is suitable for pets with allergies and intolerances

In addition, pet owners have observed an improvement in the health of pets with diabetes, epilepsy and colitis.

Foam Products offers durable yet lightweight EPS & EPP insulated shipping boxes offer thermal protection which helps to maintain temperature-sensitive products at a constant temperature longer than other traditional packaging. Furthermore, when used with refrigerants EPS & EPP insulated boxes can maintain food frozen or chilled for a couple of days. 

In response to this grow in market demand Foam Products in the UK have invested in new tooling to ensure the on-time delivery of products.  

Insulated shipping boxes can be branded with a supplier’s logo by printing on the EPS thermal box or put inside a branded cardboard carton for a bespoke finish. Once the food has been delivered, the EPS and EPP shipping boxes can be recycled or up-cycled after the delivery making it a packaging option with less environmental impact.

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