19 August 2020 | Article

At the end of 2019 Engineered Foam Products completed the Phase Two expansion of their foam block and board moulding capabilities with the installation of a state of the art StyroDesign Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) cutting line.

This £320k investment massively advances their ability to serve the needs of the construction industry with EPS for insulation and civil engineering applications from their construction industry focussed manufacturing site in Livingston, Scotland.

The Phase One investment saw the installation of a £500k Energy Efficient EPS Block Moulding Machine.

The block moulder directly feeds the new cutting line working hand in hand on the same production line to significantly increase EPS block manufacturing and EPS sheet cutting capacity in response to the increase in demand from the construction industry in the region.

The new machinery not only provides increases in capacity, but also brings improvements in automation, productivity and collection of recyclable process scrap and off cuts, this material is immediately granulated and re-used as part of the process.

The StyroDesign machine chosen has many advanced features:

  • 5 block magazine
  • Block tilter – Auto rotates blocks from vertical to horizontal eliminating handling
  • Auto wire setting – Removing labour and human error of manual setting
  • Contour and sheet cutting horizontal station with 41 wires
  • Second horizontal station to allow varying sheets and 5mm thin sheets
  • Vertical cutting station
  • Cross cutting station
  • Average cutting rate 1m/min

All advances will improve and maintain current high standards in quality, customer service and health & safety.


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