23 June 2023 | Our People

Last year we onboarded Gavin Lang to the central team as Technical Support Engineer, this has been a very successful appointment which has helped develop our engineering systems at the plants as well as providing professional assistance to deliver our ambitious Capital Expenditure program.

How Long Have You Been with EFP?
My career as Technical Support Engineer at EFP began back in the summer of 2022.

Describe a Typical Day for You
My day normally begins with an early start, usually in a hotel close to site. After breakfast, I take care of the previous days correspondence before attending any meetings.

Then it gets crazy! I could be climbing in a machine, procuring parts, finding obscure part details, assisting with site problems, breakdowns, planned works or designing or even building electrical control panels. Pretty much anything engineering related! I work with all engineering teams, including production, process technicians, tooling and all plant services.

At the end of the day, I wind down with a nice cold beer and meal with other colleagues working remotely.

What Projects Are You Currently Working On?
Our biggest engineering challenges right now are bringing the machines and plant services up to date. This includes many new projects involving installation of machinery, energy efficiency targets, waste reduction systems, machine downtime mitigation and all the bits nobody sees but relies on.

As part of our operational excellence program we are implementing a new version of the MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) section of our ERP system which will further improve our reporting systems. I am available to help all plants during this time.

Where Did Your Interest in Engineering Come From?
I have been interested in engineering and electrics since I was a child. At 6 years of age I was working on mini engineering projects with my Grandpa, wired my first house at 12 and have achieved a 5 year electrical and electronic engineering certification.

Where Has Engineering Taken You?
I’ve travelled the world doing Engineering in many guises, mostly in the automated packaging industry but I’ve also done many other things such as building very large switchboards for the Brisbane tunnel in Australia and working on the Secret Service green roofs in New Zealand. I’ve also held businesses in sound engineering and did gigs with Whitesnake, the Proclaimers, and the Damned. My last business was in Estonia, where we built robotic packaging lines, designing the robot heads and designing machines. Engineering is in my blood.

Tell Us an Interesting Fact About Yourself
I’ve lived in many countries around the world, including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, Czech Republic and Croatia. I’ve also climbed Mt Kilimanjaro with no training!

How Has Your Time at EFP Been?
Despite the challenges, I love my technical support engineer role. It’s fast-paced, varied, and rewarding, and I’m excited to see what new projects and adventures lie ahead.

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