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Our moulded foams EPS and EPP are seriously versatile and can be fully recyclable at end of life.

To give you an idea of just how versatile our materials are we have put together a definitive list of 101 different applications for Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and Expanded Polypropylene (EPP).  The parts we manufacture for our customers are durable, have a long life and are fully recyclable. In fact more often than not our materials are chosen because they offer significant advantages in terms of improved efficiency and safety.

To make it a little easier to digest we have divided the list into market sectors.

Automotive EPP Parts

We have been moulding automotive components since 1999. EPS and EPP offer outstanding vehicle light-weighting potential allowing manufactures to take out significant weight kilo by kilo. We manufacture all these automotive parts in line with IATF 16949. Learn more about automotive foam components.

1. Dunnage & material handling
2. Front and rear bumper cores
3. Prototyping automotive seating 
4. Void fillers
5. Padding
6. Roof liners
7. Housing brackets
8. Head impact protection (Head rests)
9. Side impact protection
10. Pedestrian impact protection
11. Knee bolsters (Steering column cowls)
12. Seating components
13. Grade ‘A’ surface finishes on EPP automotive parts 
14. Trunk liners
15. Battery housing
16. Load floors
17. Tool pods

HVAC-R Components (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration)

Utilising the exceptional thermal properties of EPS and EPP to house essential heating and ventilation systems, our HVAC-R customers can reduce heat loss and improve the durability and efficiency of heat exchangers, water heaters, pumps, filters and motors.

18. Thermal covers for heating system components
19. Air conditioning system components
20. Heat exchanger casings
21. Thermal ducting solutions for ventilation systems
22. Heat Interface Units (HIU) housings
23. Fridge components housing

EPS in Construction

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) offers the perfect combination of mechanical and physical properties which makes it ideally suited for use within the construction industry. EPS provides developers and architects with excellent thermal performance and compressive strength whilst also offering longevity and sustainable green credentials. 

24. Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)
25. Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs)
26. Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS)
27. Train station platform extensions
28. Third generation synthetic pitches
29. Playground floor surfacing
30. Insulating door inserts
31. Floatation – Pontoons, buoys
32. Blown bead cavity wall Insulation
33. Swimming pool infill
34. Road construction
35. Building facades
36. Landscaping – Civil engineering
37. Load bearing applications
38. Under-floor heating tiles
39. Acoustic tiles
40. Sound Deadening

Pharmaceutical & Medical

Offering tight tolerances, temperature controlled capabilities as well as shock absorption to enable safe damage free transit; EPS and EPP are an affordable and sterile option for use throughout the pharmaceutical and medical industry. Learn more about the role of EPS and EPP in the Pharma market.

41. Vacutainer® trays
42. Components for medical devices
43. Medical supports (Head bracing)
44. Human organ transportation
45. Packaging for essential medicines
46. Chemical bottle packs
47. Insulated shipping container liners

Consumer Products

With a unique set of properties, a variety of colours and a full range of grades and densities to choose from our materials could help you to develop you next big product idea. EPS and EPP products are lightweight and offer insulation, shock absorption, buoyancy, structural strength and much more. Give us a call to discuss your ideas.

48. HOTBIN – Compost bins
49. Polystyrene bee hives protecting the bee population
50. Mani Buoyancy Aid – Swimming aid for children
51. Movisi – Modular lightweight furniture
52. Childs car seat components
53. Surfboards

Appliance Packaging

Our plastics packaging strategists are focussed on designing new packaging tailored to meet sustainable supply chain needs. We optimise for reuse and recyclability whilst making your packaging lightweight, durable and returnable for today’s modern automated production lines. 

54. Television packaging
55. Cooker packaging
56. Boiler packaging
57. White goods appliance packaging
58. Small appliances packaging


Catering companies, fish processors and butchers all take advantage of Expanded Polystyrenes excellent thermal performance to keep their produce fresh and unspoilt during storage and transit. Durability and cushioning properties also help to protect more fragile goods. 

59. Temperature controlled packaging
60. Insulated shipping containers & boxes 
61. Insulated fulfilment centre tote tray liners
62. Hot & cold catering boxes
63. Cool Boxes
64. Thermal boxes to deliver fresh pet food
65. Cool boxes i.e. picnic box
66. Fish Boxes
67. Egg Boxes
68. Cake rings
69. Synthetic corks
70. Wine Packs


The most common horticultural use for Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is for germinating seedlings in multi cell seed trays. The EPS insulates the seeds and compost help encourage efficient growth.

71. Seed Trays
72. Plant Pots
73. Raised Beds


Extensively used for seating applications and integrated with other components and materials. EPS and EPP help to reduce weight, add strength improve the comfort and crash performance of the finished seat. Other materials can also be insert moulded provide additional strength where required.

74. Automotive seating
75. Lightweight aircraft seating
76. Designer seating
77. Aircraft seat tray in-fills
78. Event seating
79. Wheelchair seating components
80. Horse saddle padding


81. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs and Drones)
82. Buoyancy aids
83. Water sports
84. Insulated and protective cases with living hinges 
85. Helmet liners
86. Repeat use, multi-material pallet systems
87. Incubators, eggs, reptiles
88. Hot tub covers

Prototypes, Advanced Shapes, Hobbies and Crafts

89. EPS and EPP blocks for carving prototypes
90. Display & exhibition models / sculpturing
91. Sculpting marquette’s
92. Model boats
93. Model railway accessories & landscapes
94. Model planes
95. Remote controlled vehicles
96. Mannequin heads and feet
97. Large 3D lettering
98. Staging, set design for film and theatre
99. Signage
100. Mug packs
101. Beanbag bead filling

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