Our Vision & Strategy for Sustainable Innovation

Our Mission:

To lead through ideas and innovation, to maximise the potential of our materials and to provide sustainable solutions to our customers.

Our Vision:

Deliver unmatched experiences to our partners, making us first choice for sustainable Foam Products

Our Beliefs:

In many of the industries in which we operate the government has set out tougher environmental targets as the war on plastic rages on. Now is the time for our business to become more environmentally responsible and to educate about our materials and help create a greater positive impact.

Whether this is lightweight and impact absorbent automotive components to improve vehicle efficiency or components to reach the thermal challenges of the construction industry. We are ideally positioned with our customers to engineer the innovative and sustainable foam products of the future.

Our Strategy:

To deliver on our sustainable and innovative mission we will:

  • Maintain our market share but deliver growth within our primary industries
  • Continue operational excellence programs that create value for the business and our customers
  • Develop our people and our manufacturing capabilities in line with the growth plan

Our ability to succeed is underpinned by our five core company values which represent our culture and guide our daily interactions with customers, suppliers and each other.