3x multi axis CNC machines

Material Neutral Prototyping

3D printing and stereolithography integration

Sampling and finishing by hand

Rapid, Accurate Prototyping

Prototyping allows for incremental marginal gains to perfect the final product

Foam prototypes are ideal for performance validation testing (ageing, crash, temperature resistance, assembly, form and function testing). We can recommend a grade of material most suited to you and cover the complete ARPRO moulded density range, including application specific grades and colours.

Our years of experience have made us proficient in prototype design, complex assembly and sub-assembly with inserts. Our capabilities and equipment in our sample making area located in Northampton are second to none.

Using CNCs to machine our materials provides a high quality, repeatable, cost effective solution to the problem of quickly producing identical, accurate prototype samples.

What We Offer

Our Prototyping services include:

High quality precision prototypes produced directly from CAD

CNC machines speed up time to finalise concepts and evaluate

Fast and efficient prototyping from initial enquiry

Ability to work with high and low densities of expanded foam

Accurate samples for fit and evaluation

Multi-axis, multi-tool change CNC capabilities

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Engineered foam products offer a full service to efficiently progress you project from initial enquiry through to delivery final production and delivery. Our dedicated people are with you every step of the way and work hard to bring you added value difficult to find elsewhere.

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